Frequently Asked Questions


Board Members (including Board Member/Elders) serve 3 year terms on the Board. At the end of three years, the Nominating Committee can follow its process to nominate them for another 3 year term.

After 2 terms, Board Members must step down from the Board. They can be considered again by the Nominating Committee after 1 year.


The people of Crossway are invited to recommend people for consideration as Board Members and Board Member/Elders. These recommendations are to be made to the Nominating Committee.

Each year, the Nominating Committee reviews people who have been recommended to them. As members of the church, the members of the Nominating Committee can also recommend people for consideration. The Nominating Committee can then present nominees to the congregation for consideration.

At a church meeting (usually the annual meeting), members of the church vote to affirm nominees presented by the Nominating Committee. Note that the church is not being asked to select among multiple options for a position. Rather, the vote is whether or not to affirm the people being presented by the Nominating Committee.