Crossway Greeter Guide

Crossway Greeter Guide

“Greet one another with a holy kiss.” Romans 16:16

While kissing people is not a widespread practice for greeting people, we are commanded to greet each other with warmth and kindness. And this has been an important value for Crossway. It has been great to hear people who are now active at Crossway tell of how they were so encouraged by the greeting they received the very first time she entered our building! And we want our regulars also to know how pleased we are that they have come, especially during the pandemic! 

We also want to put new people at ease, helping answer any questions or uncertainties they have. And during the ongoing presence of the coronavirus, we want to help put people at ease regarding any worries they have about health and safety.

To help with each of these things, we are so thankful to greeters!

The Responsibility

  • Arrive by 9:45
  • Be at the assigned door 9:50-10:20-ish
  • Greet people with enthusiasm and warmth
    • Give them a worship folder
    • Offer sermon notes, kids’ bulletins (and music or other handouts when available)
    • Guide them to nametags and Bibles
    • Ask if they get the weekly emails. If not, encourage them to fill out a contact card
  • If it seems that they are new
    • Help them know locations of coffee, restrooms, and children’s ministry
    • See if they have questions
    • If they have kids, see if they want a Crossway Kids brochure
    • Give them a contact card
  • If you have concerns about someone’s intentions or stability
    • Keep in touch with the person while having someone reach out to the Security Contact Person

To be a greeter

In order to serve as a greeter, here are some ‘requirements’:

  • A regular attender of Crossway who is enthusiastic about our church, our vision, and our leadership
  • Eager and able to greet and welcome all who come to Crossway with warmth and enthusiasm
    • Ready to guide people and answer questions regarding the Sunday morning experience with the church
  • Will dress and behave in a way that is God honoring and people honoring
    • Not political. Minimize words and logos on clothing (except MSU…go green!)
    • Respectful of all who come, whether or not you approve of them
    • Be sensitive to cultural differences and adjust appropriately to ways in which people are comfortable
  • Will manage your own schedule
    • Sign up online
    • Find a replacement if you are not able to do what you’ve signed up for
  • Eager to know more about Jesus, whether or not you already identify as Christian

If you are interested in serving, please contact John Bankson at