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Worship Music Videos

New songs

We add songs that is new to us few days before the Sunday we introduce the song.






Kau Rajaku → See the foreign language songs section.


Foreign language songs

It takes so much background works to introduce foreign language songs. Sometimes it takes many people’s help and months of preparation for a song. Here, we post foreign language songs we use here with some background stories (The songs are listed in alphabetical order). We keep adding songs weekly as we use the song…so come back and check often!

Before You Made the World (山々が生まれる前から)

This song was originally written in Japanese, then translated to Korean as a part of Jworship (the Japanese Praise and Worship) album that has been introduced to Korea and produced by PHWM. PHWM (Praise Honor Worship Ministry) is a missionary organization that was established for the reconciliation and unity of Korea and Japan through the vehicle of “praise music” created in the two countries. Its primary ministry is to introduce Korean praise songs to Japan and also Japanese praise songs to Korea. The two countries’ relationship is still wounded from the Japanese invasion to Korea 70 years ago, yet Jesus has been proving again and again that when we look at Him and ask for His healing and reconciliation, He is always there, helping us overcome. The English verse was a translation done by a member of CMC with 9 people’s help, and it took 4 months to complete. This song is a clear example of the need of community to keep singing in multiple languages.

Buhay, Buhay

This song was introduced to us by a Filipino member of our congregation. Since we learned this song few years ago, it has become our Easter favorite! It’s a simple and joyful song anyone can easily learn and sing both in English and in Filipino. In this video there is another language – Ilocano – version is included, but we don’t have anyone who speak the language so we do not use the version.

Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing(萬福恩源 )

This is a traditional English hymn that is translated into so many different languages. Our “tradition” is that we sing the second verse in Chinese. Why the second verse? Because one of our Chinese friends who was helping the music team said the second verse is easier for non-Chinese speakers to learn. And she was right!

Deepened Life to You (깊어진 삶을 주께)

This song is from S. Korea, written by a Korean praise group Markers Worship. A member of CMC introduced this song to us. It took a while to bring it to our worship service as we struggled a bit with the English translation and Korean pronunciation, yet it truly worth the effort! As we struggle through the pain our lives bring, we strive because Jesus is with us. May our hearts transforms little by little like Your heart, Jesus.

Faithful One

When we sing a foreign language song, we usually use non-English song with English translation when it is available (except Spanish, there are many English songs translated into Spanish in Latin America and we sing those in Spanish). Yet this song is originally written in English by a Canadian worship leader Brian Doerksen. We found a Korean translation and usually sing it in Korean and English. When we sing a bilingual song, we sing in original language first to honor the ownership of the language. So naturally we start singing this song in English first.


This song was introduced to us by our friend from El Salvador who was a member of the worship team. The singer, Marcos Witt is an American pastor /singer who is a famous Spanish speaking figure in Christian music. Whenever we sing this song we thank God for our friend who moved on!

Hana Mo (花も/Let the Flowers)

This song was originally written in Japanese by a Japanese Pastor. Then it was translated into Korean, then English. It is wonderful that we can sing the same song in different languages with more and more diverse people! Just like the song says “Let the flowers, clouds, winds, great seas, create melodies of Jesus. Oh our souls, let our songs ring to the sky, sing of His grace,” we make melodies to praise Jesus together!

He Came Down

This song is a traditional song of Cameroon. A Scottish minister John L. Bell (b.1949) collected many praise songs from around the world and introduced to the Western world, and this is one of them. This is our favorite to sing in Christmas season and also throughout a year.


This is a traditional song of Nigeria, and we learned it from the song book of John L. Bell (mentioned above). The video is arranged in a contemporary style and is different from how we sing…this is a very simple song, easy to learn, and we can sing in so many different ways and that is something that makes this song so attractive!

Imela (Thank you)

This song took an interesting path to reach us. The language is Igbo, one of the languages spoken in Nigeria. Yet not a Nigerian friend, but a British American friend learned this song in Myanmar and brought to our attention. We learned from the friend that there is a big Nigerian community in Myanmar and they sing this song in their church. There are several other Nigerian songs titled “Imela” which means “Thank you.” Often times the simple “Thank you” is the only thing we need to say to God and it is so great to have many songs that express the appreciation.

Kau Rajaku

This song was played in Urbana 18. Written by a well known Christian singer songwriter in Indonesia, Sari Simorangkir. It is easy to sing along, beautiful and powerful declaration that Jesus is our King. There are many versions and covers on Youtube, so look around and find your favorite version …it may open door for you to explore more other Indonesian Christian music!

Ku Ada (I am Here)

This song was introduced to us by an Indonesian member of CMC. A great reminder, we are here all because of His Grace. Forever praise Him.

Nara (Global version)

We have been singing this song for quite a while ever since our Nigerian member introduced this song to us, yet this global version widened our horizon to sing this song in multiple languages. For the Easter 2021, we had 17 people came together to record vocals and instruments and created CMC 8 languages version.

On That Day (その日全世界が)

This song was written by a Japanese worship leader Takafumi Nagasawa. He started to write praise songs when he was 12 years old. The English lyrics is a combination of several different translations done by Japanese worshippers.

Precious Cross (宝贵十架 or 寶貴十架)

We sang this Chinese song first time during the Good Friday service 1996 or 1997. We had so many Chinese students joining our service that year. After the service some Chinese attendees approached to the pastor and excitedly told him that they sang this song in Chinese churches. It is always a joy and such a reward for us worship team to hear that kind of feedback that the people in the congregation find a familiar song and able to join singing in their language!

Santo, Santo, Santo

This song is a traditional song across Latin America and originally written in Spanish. It was first translated in Dutch, then French and Korean. From these languages, we can easily assume that the missionaries who visited Latin America loved the song and translated to their languages. In CMC, we have our own version – It was translated into Chinese and Japanese by the attendees of our church. 

Thuma Mina

This is another song we found in the collection of the Scottish minister John L. Bell. Originally a traditional song in South Africa, written in Zulu. Thuma Mina means ‘Send me.’

Uruwashiki Mina (Beautiful Name)

Unfortunately we don’t have a Youtube video for this song. This song was written and performed first by “Lyre” (a student group of Tokyo Christian University). Christian music market is very small in Japan, reflecting the very small Christian population in the country. However, Lyre’s songs are very popular among Japanese Christians ever since they started recording in 1994. They have published 68 songs, 9 CDs so far even after the original members have graduated from the university and each person has moved onto their mission field. The English lyrics were translated from Japanese and added by a CMC member. If you are interested in listening to the original Japanese recording by Lyre, talk to someone in the worship team.

Yesu Sarang he yo (Jesus, I love you)

This song was originally written in Korean, then translated into English and other languages. At first we were singing only in Korean and English, then someone said she sang this song in Chinese in a gathering. So we added the Chinese lyrics, then worship members translated it into Spanish and Japanese. Recently (in 2021), more members of the church translated this song into Yoruba, Bahasa and Filipino. Now we have 8 languages so far to sing this song!! We hope to add more languages in the future! (The video is only English).

You Alone Are God

This song was from Urbana 2006. The lead vocal, Daryl Black, sang the chorus part of this song in Spanish, so that is what we do too in CMC (The attached video only has English lyrics). In the Urbana conference that year, the Urbana worship team had multiple leaders – and each person was from different background and spoke different language. So we who attended it were introduced to many different language songs that year and it was so inspiring!!