A Plan for Crossway Meals

A Plan for Crossway Meals

A Plan for crossway meals, for meal hosts

We endeavor to have our Sunday meals reflect our vision:

For: All of us enjoy, are nourished, and are included

  • Including old to young, new to long term attenders, all cultures, all abilities, all incomes, …
  • All of us have food that is enjoyable and culturally enriching
  • All of us experience being welcomed and included in table fellowship

Of: All of us contribute in ways that are appropriate for us

  • Each person has a richer experience as more people contribute
  • If we bring food or drink, share what is special for us
    • We especially work to honor those of us who share from our own backgrounds and who share for the first time
  • If we share by serving, in ways that fit our abilities to serve. See tasks & roles

By: All of us help shape the experience and fellowship together

  • Examples
    • Different cultures organize a buffet table differently. We want to be sure that all of us help shape this organization
    • Arrange things to give preference to new foods and new ‘food providers’ (people who have not shared their food before)
    • We encourage people to bring food, especially food that is special or ‘normal’ for each person (rather than the church cooking or providing food)

Expressing love by inviting and by caring for those who share

  • When people share (specially what is special or normal for them, or for the first time)
    • There is Great Risk: sharing your food/culture with others 
    • There is potential for Great Honor: taking home an empty serving dish
  • Key strategies
    • Put new food and food from new ‘food providers’ first
      • It is more likely to be tried (and enjoyed)
      • It shows honor for that new food
      • Perhaps have less ‘organization’ of foods (except for desserts and fruits) so that there is less clustering by “American church” standards
    • Label every dish, especially for allergies or sensitivities (especially dairy, nuts, eggs, and wheat) and spice levels

Details for the Sunday of the meal

  • 9am
    • Meal hosts arrive
      • Put out table cloths and any table decorations
      • Prepare for food to arrive
  • 9:45
    • Those bringing food arrive
    • Receive foods, confirm/add labels
      • Foods to keep warm…
      • Foods to keep cool/cold…
    • Arrange foods on the serving table (see “Expressing love” above)
  • 11:30
    • Final prep for service
  • During meal
    • Remove dishes as they empty
  • At end of meal
    • Help prepare dishes so they can easily be taken home
    • Help people find their dishes
    • Clean up kitchen and food service areas