EMT Policies

EMT Policies

Updated October 2023

Policy for reporting amounts of financial gifts

We are committed to healthy transparency while we also recognize that there are times when information needs to be kept private. In particular, we report to the congregation the individuals and organizations to whom we give money, unless there is a special circumstance for the recipients that makes such disclosure unwise. In general, we disclose to the congregation the amount of money given to organizations, except where it is tightly connected to giving to an individual (such as when the organization is largely run by an individual). We do not disclose the amount of money given to individuals. 

Policy about giving frequency 

The EMT’s policy is to give throughout the fiscal year in ways that match the needs and requests of each person or ministry we support, and as we are able to determine the appropriate amounts to give and to ensure that they are received when needed. We endeavor to give at the earliest time we are able and it is appropriate to give.

Accordingly, we provide monthly or quarterly support in cases where there is a regular expectation and means for doing so (such as support of missionaries). We provide periodic support when the gifts are based on particular needs and when it seems wisest to do so (such as support of partner churches). And we provide other support when the needs are known in collaboration with the people we support (such as support of conferences and events).

Engagement of the people of Crossway in external ministries

The EMT is eager to engage the people of Crossway with the external ministries we support as is appropriate for each ministry. For example, in our local ministries, we are thrilled by the active hands-on participation. And we love to see many of our people participate in and lead annual conferences.

We also deeply value people’s engagement through prayer, communication, and special offerings even when hands-on participation is not possible, such as with organizations based in other countries.

And we are committed to provide opportunities to equip the people of Crossway through conferences and courses.

To pursue this value of supporting the engagement of our people in external ministries, we endeavor to:

  • Empower and support people to take active leadership and service roles with different ministry opportunities. 
  • Reach out to people who have special wisdom, expertise, and connections with different ministry opportunities.
  • Share prayer requests about our ministry partners with our congregation.
  • Invite special offerings and gifts when there is special need by our partners.
  • Provide congregational updates regarding ministries we support and ways that people can be involved, through periodic church mission conferences as well in church updates and prayer times.
  • Provide access to information and links through our website. 
  • Invite others to pursue being a part of the External Ministry Team as we provide oversight for external ministries of the church