Recommendations due

Recommendations due

  • Nominating Committee:
    Jean Eddy, Maggie Tilden, Hannah Reyes
    Pastor John

The Nominating Committee’s task: Nominate people to serve…

  • on the Nominating Committee (2 year term, 2 terms max)
    • space for 3 more people to join Hannah Reyes in 2024
  • as Board Member or Board Member/Elder (3 year term)
    • no specific number of people

The process:

  1. We ask for recommendations from the congregation:
            Complete the form by October 8
  2. Nominating Committee enters a time of discernment:
            Respond to questions + In-person interview
  3. Nominate to the congregation people to serve
  4. Congregational vote to affirm the nominations: January 28