Worship Service (In Person & Online)

Worship Service (In Person & Online)

Being Together
Virtually and in person

We continue to support both online and in-person participation together. It is wonderful to have people join us from places around Michigan, around the US, and around the world, even while many of us also delight to be physically present together.

Either way, rather than just watching a broadcast or a performance, expect to see and hear multiple people, and to have the opportunity to be seen and to be heard!

What to Expect

In our worship services, we include a variety of elements and languages and songs. Often our Scripture readings are read in English as well as in other languages based on the languages known by the person reading Scripture. We also sing songs that include English and other languages, singing many songs originally written in English as well as songs that were written first in other languages.

We take time to pray in all of our services, sometimes being led by someone in prayer, and often including prayers by people in the congregation.
We want to keep adding new elements and variations in our service, especially as people share parts of their own traditions with us.
To get a feel for our worship services, see this video: