What It Is 

In Christian churches, an offering is a gift that people give to God by giving to and through the church. These gifts include money as well as other valuables, time, and actions. Giving these gifts is an act of worship, that is, of living out our conviction that God is the source of and deserves all that we have and are. As people who are committed to this church, we give first to Crossway and then also to other organizations and individuals as we each choose.


We want visitors of Crossway not to feel any pressure or expectation that they would give offerings.

Our Practice 

At present, people give financial offerings in various ways including postal mail, electronic transfer, and in the offering box. We keep and manage records of people’s gifts only as necessary so we can provide IRS tax receipts to each individual at the end of each year.

Where the Money Goes 

At Crossway, the church uses these gifts to cover the expenses of the church and to serve other people, both nearby and far away. At present, Crossway does not pay any people, so the biggest expenses will be rent and resources to help us do what we do, such as resources for kids and the sound system. Beyond our own people, we anticipate providing gifts to like-minded churches and organizations as well as to individuals in need.