Pastoral Intern-Frequently Asked Questions

Pastoral Intern-Frequently Asked Questions

Updated March 29, 2024

What is the purpose of the internship?

  • To prepare someone for vocational ministry, especially in a diverse ministry, through guided service and leadership at Crossway for ministries needed by the church
  • Crossway has twin goals: 
    • that the intern would be prepared to step into pastoral ministry in a diverse setting
    • that Crossway would benefit through gifted ministry that enriches our diversity in leadership

To whom will the intern report?

  • The intern will report to the lead pastor, and will be mentored by the lead pastor and others in the church.

What is the time commitment?

  • This is a half-time position
  • Both Crossway and the intern would be making a 1 year commitment with the possibility of renewal upon successful evaluation for a second year

Why is it a half-time position?

  • Crossway does not currently have the needed resources to hire someone full time. We also believe it can be very valuable for the intern and the church for the intern to have experiences beyond Crossway. Note that our pastor was bi-vocational for the first few years of our church, and that was very valuable both for our pastor and for our church.
  • Pay will be commensurate for a half-time internship and will be discussed during the application process

What are the expectations for the other half of the intern’s time?

  • We are open to a variety of possibilities, depending upon the intern. For example, we would be supportive of the person…
    • Getting a part-time job for rich connections, learning, and meeting financial needs.
    • Raising support to serve full-time with Crossway
    • Attending seminary
    • Discussing with us other possibilities

Who is eligible to be hired for this position?

  • It is open to people currently in our church as well as others.
  • It is open to both men and women, single and married, short or long term in US, provided that they can be legally paid for pastoral ministry and are conversant in English
  • It is open both to members of our church and those who are not, as long as there is nothing that would prohibit membership. That means that they agree with the doctrine and vision of Crossway, they are willing to pursue growth in our core values, and they are willing to work within our constitution and by-laws
  • The position is intended for those who are pursuing pastoral church ministry, or who are exploring this path.

When will the position begin?

  • Our goal is to hire someone by July 1, 2024