A Guide for Bringing Food for Crossway Meals

The Invitation

  • We encourage everyone to consider bringing food to share in our Crossway meals
  • It is helpful when people sign up ahead of time at
  • We encourage people to bring food even if they haven’t signed up

What to bring

  • You are encouraged to bring food that is special or normal for you
  • You can bring little or much
  • You are welcome to make the food or purchase it

Food labels

  • It is helpful to label food
    • What it is, and perhaps what culture or country it represents
    • List potential food allergens, such as dairy, nuts, eggs, wheat (gluten)
    • How spicy it is

What to do with your food

  • When to bring it
    • 9:45-9:55am on the Sunday of the meal is best
  • What to do with it when you arrive
    • If it needs to stay warm or cold, ask the Meal Coordinator
    • If it can be room temperature, you can leave it on the serving table
  • No need to bring serving utensils (like a serving spoon or fork).
    • Crossway will provide
  • What to do as the meal finishes up
    • Be sure to take home your dishes