Bringing Snacks

Bringing Snacks

Why we do it

We are passionate for snacks after our worship services! When we gather together for our worship services, we take seriously “gathering together.” So we take time before the service, during the service, and after the service to make connections with each other: to meet people, to listen to people, to share ourselves with people, and to enjoy being together. We want to live out the reality that each and every person matters. Of course it is critical that these connections extend beyond our times together! Yet those ongoing connections often begin, and are strengthened by, connecting with others in our worship services.
And one of the great ways to create more space for these connections is by providing some snacks after our worship services. It encourages people to ‘linger longer’ in our times together.
We also love how snacks can help us experience and value more cultures and sub-cultures and the people connected with them. What a fun and valuable (and tasty!) way to encourage curiosity and the drive to keep learning about more places and cultures in the world.

An easy way to be involved and connected

Snacks also provide a wonderful way to be more involved in our congregation and to build connections. It is also an easy way to serve. Just sign up for a Sunday, and bring finger foods to share with others. And the snacks are up to you…they can be sweet or savory or something else. Maybe fruit or cookies or breads or …. We especially enjoy snacks that come from your own heritage, whether that is a special family treat or something cherished from your cultural heritage. They can be store-bought or homemade, and creativity is certainly welcomed! (And if you it would be helpful to have some financial assistance to purchase or make snacks, we are glad to help. Just reach out to Pastor John @
Also, if it would be helpful to have small plates or spoons, we have those available as well. Just letting Pastor John know is helpful so we can be sure they are available.
Since we encourage multiple people to bring snacks for each Sunday, the pressure isn’t all on you! Just aim to bring enough for maybe 20-25 people to have a taste.

What to do

You are always welcome to bring snacks, even if you haven’t signed up! You can also sign up at the current link for snacks (watch the bulletin for the current link). That way people know if a Sunday is already covered.
Questions? Feel free to be in touch with Pastor John @